Finally, a candle that smells like free time.

A 3-minute Loom can replace your next 30 minute meeting. We made a candle to celebrate.

Aromatherapy for back-to-back pain

As you lean into Loom for async updates at work, you may find yourself with more time on your hands.

Fill that space on your calendar with focus time while basking in a luxurious scent that evokes the crisp, clean air of wide open space.

8.5 ounces; 3.4 inches tall. Roughly 30 hour burn time. Thats almost a whole work week of .... not meetings.

Less Meeting, More Doing.

Clear your mind (and your afternoon) so you can be your best self and do your best work.

Impressive 30-hour burn time

That's 60 "quick syncs" that you could save yourself from.
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Cancel your next meeting and send a Loom instead

The important stuff can’t fit into one coffee sync. Teams use Loom to work faster, while capturing and scaling valuable company knowledge.

Reduce meetings

Use async video messaging to keep your team on the same page and cut down on meetings by 29% with Loom.

Speed up your work

Kick your project timelines into overdrive. With Loom, you can sync, sprint, and ship projects 53% faster.

Scale knowledge

96% of Loom users capture and share vital institutional knowledge with async video. Record once, share endlessly.
Less meetings, more doing, with Loom.
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